Gusev overtakes Tarasenko

28 Января 2015, 15:01
Ugra forward Nikita Gusev may have failed to win the Shootout competition before Sunday evening’s All-Star Game, but he can take comfort with the news that he has delighted millions of sports fans all around the world, thanks to the YouTube clip of his sublime spin-o-rama goal against Stanislav Galimov. By 11:30, Moscow Time, on Wednesday, the 28th of January, his balletic move and unstoppable shot had attracted no fewer than 2,890,000 views on the KHL YouTube channel. This means the Khanty-Mansiysk attacker has set a new record, surpassing the 2.678m views for Vladimir Tarasenko’s audacious feint-with-fishing-line shootout goal at the 2012 All-Star Game in Riga.

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