On Monday, the 8th of August, a preseason friendly game in Astana between Barys and HC Kunlun Red Star deteriorated into a mass brawl which even spread to the players’ bench. The conflict was triggered by a snide punch by Barys forward Damir Ryspayev on Red Star’s Tomas Marcinko, which resulted in the Slovak forward requiring hospital treatment, and the disorder was exacerbated by continued aggressive behavior from Ryspayev toward members of the opposing team.

The League imposes the strictest punishments in cases of serious foul play, particularly of the kind which results in injury to opposing players, and also notes that Ryspayev has been a serial offender in this regard, in spite of previous disciplinary sanctions from the League and a stern warning issued to the player in January of this year.

As a result of yesterday’s events, Damir Ryspayev is provisionally banned from participating in any game held under the auspices of the KHL, including preseason friendlies. A final decision on Ryspayev’s fate will be taken in due course, after the League has received and scrutinized all material and evidence related to the incident.

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