Great goals, spectacular saves and the hardest hits, starring Nikolai Lemtyugov, Ilya Proskuryakov, and Teemu Hartikainen – the KHL is proud to bring you the best moments from the twelfth week of the Championship.

Top 10 Goals: Lemtyugov’s lightning strike

Avangard defenseman Yegor Martynov produced a beautiful long-range, slide-rule pass that found Nikolai Lemtyugov within shooting distance, but the Omsk forward still faced an Amur defenseman looming over him, as well as a goalie on full alert. Finding a route to goal would probably have defeated the latest SatNav, but a lightning feint removed the D-man and a burst of pace in a graceful arc defeated the goaltender. An absolute beauty, and by far the best goal of the week.

Attractive goals become beautiful ones when they turn out to be game-winners, as with this week’s runner-up, a great strike that secured victory for Vityaz over Lokomotiv. Swedish forward Mario Kempe made an aggressive foray into the Yaroslavl zone and sent a perfectly timed pass to the onrushing Alexei Kopeikin, who gratefully belted the puck past Loko’s Alexei Murygin.

Not for the first time, our compilation includes a great offensive raid by Sibir’s predatory pair, Maxim Shalunov and Sergei Shumakov. A sublime pass via the boards from Shalunov gave his partner a clear run on goal, and Shumakov was too determined to be thwarted by Amur goalie Alexander Pechursky. We rated this mini-masterpiece the third finest goal of the past seven days

Top 10 Saves: Proskuryakov’s improbable rescue

Traktor forward Alexander Chernikov embarked on a dashing one-man rampage through Torpedo’s zone, and when his final feint sent netminder Ilya Proskuryakov prematurely dropping to the ice, the scoreboard operator’s finger must have been hovering above the button, but Proskuryakov somehow recovered in time to get his stick in the way and grab our Save of the Week accolade.

Following an error by the Slovan defense Jokerit forward Jesse Joensuu suddenly found himself alone, close to goal, and with only an out-of-position Barry Brust to beat. It seemed the Finn would score for sure, but the Canadian swiftly spread himself and pulled off an unlikely stop, and this occupies second place among our Saves of the Week.

When Magnitogorsk defenseman Alexei Bereglazov sent a quick and accurate shot toward Spartak goaltender Marcus Svensson’s net, a Magnitka goal seemed certain. The supple Swede had other ideas, however, and he earns third place in our ranking.

Top 10 Hits: Hartikainen’s hard-hitting intervetion

This week’s gold goes to Salavat Yulaev’s Teemu Hartikainen. The Finnish forward is known as a prolific goal scorer, but it would be unwise to overlook the physical side of his game. Few would do so after this forceful behind-the-net challenge on Torpedo defenseman Maxim Osipov.

This week’s silver-medal hit is from Teemu’s Ufa team-mate, forward Evgeny Korotkov, who was alert to Nizhny Novgorod danger man Nikolai Zherdev’s typically rapid incursion into the Salavat Yulaev zone. Korotkov intervenes, and Zherdev is soon enjoying a 360-degree view of the stadium followed by a close-up of the center spot.

Sibir forward Stepan Sannikov is another who does far more than score spectacular goals. He excels in battles of strength, and this time the unlucky recipient was Amur forward Danil Romantsev. Sannikov’s hit secures the bronze in our Hits of the Week awards.

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