On Saturday, the 22nd of January, 2017, for the first time ever in Russian hockey, there will be live coverage of the KHL All-Star Game in Virtual Reality format. The KHL All-Star Game forms part of the Week of Hockey Stars festival in Ufa, organized by the Kontinental Hockey League in conjunction with the Ufa city authorities, the Republic of Bashkortostan government and HC Salavat Yulaev. Supporters across the Russian Federation can follow live broadcasts of the match, beginning at 15:30 Ufa Time (13:30 Moscow Time).

The live broadcasts in the 180 and 360-degree format were put together by the Russian VR company Prosense with its partners, the KHL and KHL All-Star Game Coca-Cola Russia in accordance with the latest global standards of Virtual Reality broadcasting. By donning the special glasses, viewers may watch the match from three different angles from the best perspectives and with 4K resolution, which achieves the most effective presence and immersion in the action. Spectators who do not possess the glasses may still view the game in 360-degree format via one camera. Coca-Cola Russia is the fully authorized and exclusive partner of this initiative.

Sergei Dobrokhvalov, KHL Marketing and Communications Vice President: "Virtual Reality is becoming an indispensable element in the marketing strategy for world sporting brands, as it is with media-platform leaders and social media websites. The Kontinental Hockey League is always striving to adopt the latest technology. Live broadcasts in the Virtual Reality format is a pioneering step in the history of Russian hockey and will be directed towards attracting new viewers and heightening interest in this great KHL event among a wide audience of supporters."

Stanislav Glukhoyedov, CEO Prosense: "This VR-broadcast of the KHL All-Star Game allows hockey fans to feel they are in the places with the finest possible views of the action, and without even leaving their homes. They can watch in real time and enjoy the highlights later."

Mickael Vinet, Director, Marketing Assets and General Manager 2018 FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola Russia: "As KHL partner we – at Coca-Cola - want to help build excitement around the league, we want to make every hockey moment more special. We are very excited to explore jointly with KHL new innovative approaches to allow hockey fans from all around Russia to feel the atmosphere and become part of big hockey festival."

Fans can watch live broadcasts of the KHL All-Star on the official Week of Hockey Stars website, on the KHL YouTube channel and on the Prosense App available from the Oculus store. For fans wishing to watch the action via a mobile device, it is recommended that they acquire Virtual Reality glasses.

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