- Eeli, it seemed that you can’t predict that first game in KHL would be like this? A hat trick, big win for Jokerit.

- It was great. Good start of the season for me and our team. Hope that we could continue in this way. It was a great effort from everybody in our team, we showed that we have a good team. I couldn’t expect that I would score three goals, but it was a hard game, one of the hardest in my career. But partners helped me a lot.


- To score three goals against Jhonas Enroth, who recently played in NHL. Does it mean something to you?

- Of course! After first goal I felt that I could play this league. There are no bad teams and bad goalies here in KHL.

- What you need to do to stay calm, because people could consider you as a superstar right now?

- I need to keep doing the same things, stay calm, think only about hockey. It’s basic. And not to read much media. I’m sure that my partners will help me even in this aspect.

- What Jokerit can achieve this year?

- It’s too early to say, but we have a good roster. Five good lines, that’s why I need to make it to the roster every night. We started with a big win, but we need keep going in the same way, stick to the game plan, not to lose our game.

- Could you believe that you could play in the second line this year?

- I won’t say that it was unexpected. It started with preseason when coaches put me in the line with Olli Palola and Brian O’Neill. We’re still finding our chemistry and understand each other better every day.


- After seasons in USHL you planned to commit to university and play in NCAA. But what happened that you’re now in Jokerit in KHL?

- It was my plan… But last years I didn’t often visit the school and didn’t get enough points to go to university. They told me that you could come after Xmas. Now I’m not thinking this way, I’m in KHL and its best option in my career right now. Here I could grow as a player, not playing at junior level. I like everything around now.

- All your goals against Dinamo Minsk came after great snipes. How do you train your shot?

- It took a while; I’m still trying to make a progress. I’m shooting a lot after practices, even in the summer at my backyard. It’s a lot of work to do; I need to improve the strength of the shot.

- Could you compare yourself to Patrick Laine and Alexander Ovechkin who’re the best snipers in modern hockey?

- I’m too far away from them, they’re elite snipers. When I was young, I dreamt about shooting like Ovechkin. Hope that one day I could be at his level.

- You’re on the pace of becoming the best rookie of the year in KHL.

- I’m not thinking about it, but it would be a great honor to win this award. But it was just one game and nobody knows what happened. I need to live day by day.

- One more important thing for you would be World Juniors in Buffalo.

- It’s very important tournament. Last year we played relegation round. Now we want to return and show how Finnish hockey is good.​

Uutta kautta kohti!

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