In the 8th minute of overtime during Wednesday’s match in Cherepovets between Severstal and SKA Saint Petersburg, visting forward Jarno Koskiranta scored the game-winning goal, which was eventually confirmed following an appeal by the Severstal head coach, who requested that the video goal judge study the replays for a possible offside. As this episode has led to much discussion and no little controversy, the KHL Refereeing Department has issued the following clarification:

In scrutinizing the given episode, at the request of the home team's head coach, the judges used all the footage recorded by the technical equipment available to them at the Cherepovets arena. None of the recorded material provided a view clear enough to determine beyond doubt the presence or otherwise of an offside. As the video review proved inconclusive, the referee's decision to award the goal was allowed to stand.

The KHL has repeatedly tried to address this matter with urgent requests to the clubs to install video recording equipment at a vantage point which can cover the blue lines, in order to accurately determine the position of the puck at the relevant moment and so aid the video goal judge to ascertain whether or not an offside has indeed occurred. The material recorded by the video equipment currently installed at HC Severstal was not of this standard. 

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