Slovan Bratislava – Severstal Cherepovets

In the 40th minute of the Tuesday’s game in Bratislava, after a goal scored by the home team, the referee called for the video goal judge to review Adam Liska’s goal, to ascertain whether Slovan had too many players on the ice at the moment the goal was scored. As the video footage clearly shows, the home team was not guilty of fielding too many players, and the referee correctly awarded the goal.

Dinamo Riga – HC Dynamo Moscow

The video goal judge was called into action in the 39th minute of the game in Riga. The episode concerned an apparent goal by Dinamo Riga forward Andris Dzerins to go 3-1 in favor of the home team. The KHL Refereeing Department has scrutinized the incident and confirms that the officials were correct to award the goal, as the video evidence shows that Dzerinsstick was not above the level of the crossbar at the moment the puck hit it.

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