Sporting Disciplinary Committee investigated events from the following game:

Lokomotiv – Jokerit

Game time: 47:42

The Committee examined the incidents which led to Lokomotiv forward Artur Kayumov receiving a game misconduct penalty under the p. 1.3.2 and the p.1.30. of the art. 27 of the KHL Disciplinary Regulations. After studying the incidents, the Committee supported the decision of the referee and imposed on Kayumov a four-game and an eight-game bans respectively, and a fine.

Moreover, Kayumov got 5+20 and 20 minutes penalties in one game, he incurs a separate fine and an automatic one-game ban for repeat offending under p. 4.3.2. of the art 27 of the KHL Disciplinary Regulartions. As a result, Kayumov has been disqualified for 13 games in total.

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