The KHL press office in accordance with article 24 of the KHL Marketing and Media Regulations announces supplementary accreditation for the playoffs’ final.

Only holders of the 2018-19 KHL season’s credentials will be eligible to apply for the Final Series’ accreditation. You can send your applications to by indicating a required number of accreditations on the media’s official form. The highest possible number is two correspondents and one photographer for written press, two photographers for a photo agency, and three members for TV channels.

Applications are accepted by 12:00 pm (Moscow time) of April 12th, 2019, and applications sent after this time will not be considered. 

The total number of accreditations available for the Final Series is strictly limited. Priority will be given to applications from: main sports written press and websites, social and political media that have a regular sports section, TV crews of the largest channels and digital media, and world photo agencies.

Accreditation cards will be distributed on the days of the Final Series’ games. The distribution time and location will be announced additionally. The accreditation cards will be valid for the whole Final Series.

We would like to pay your attention that all of the seasonal accreditations (both individual and daily passes) will not be valid any more. Access to the Final Series’ matches will be only possible with supplementary accreditation cards.